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The Amstel Agro Corn Project

The research began with 3 different projects to evaluate the reaction of the product with different concentrations. In the beginning, no significant differences were identified. However, there were rainy days with a total of 579 mm3, which is uncommon, and there was little sunshine, which prevented total growth

of the cob at the tip.


At mid-term, differences in growth were identified, with the 0.1% group showing higher growth than the 0.2% group in its final stage. The data was collected weekly, with photographic evidence and important measurements for good comparisons. As mentioned above, the farmer regularly obtained 45 tons / hectare.

The harvests were carried out at different times with a week's difference to be closest to their peak for harvesting. Adding the data obtained from the heavy rains and storms, which resulted in losses, it was possible to obtain 75 tons / hectare.

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