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“Amstel Agro's environmentally friendly silicon products improve growth, resilience and yield”

Amstel Agro: for silicon

products with impact

Silicon promotes growth, improves resistance and increases yield. However, silicon is difficult to absorb by crops. Yet Amstel Agro has a series of silicon products that do work. Agriculture and horticulture will never be the same!


A summary of the advantages:


Higher yield and better quality 

Guaranteed higher absorption of silicon

Liquid, making it easy to administer

Better protection against diseases and insects

Higher resistance to heat, cold, drought and a high salt content

Improved crop growth and development

A Summary of our innovations

Amstel Agro offers a complete series of mineral fertilisers based on soluble silicon.

Each product is tailored to a specific crop group.

224x300 SF-Y.jpg

Amstel Agro SF-Y:
Agricultural crops

The powerhouse for monocotyledonous crops (sugarcane, maize, rice bananas and wheat).

224x300 SF-P.jpg

Amstel Agro SF-P:
Flowers and plants

Your ornamental crops will have deeper leaf colours, fuller flowers and a longer vase life.

224x300 Protect-F.jpg

Amstel Agro Protect-F:
Crops and fruits

Protect-F is a product specifically developed to combat abiotic stress.

224x300 SF-G.jpg

Amstel Agro SF-G:
Greenhouse vegetable crops

Provides strength to greenhouse vegetable crops (such as beans, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers).

224x300 SF-W.jpg

Amstel Agro SF-W:
For Cotton

The sustainable fertiliser requiring

less plant protection agents

and water.

224x300 Protect-P.jpg

Amstel Agro Protect-P:
Crops and fruits

Protect-P is a product specifically developed to combat abiotic stress. 

224x300 SF-R.jpg

Amstel Agro SF-R:

Agricultural crops

Provides better roots and a more

active soil life in organic agricultural crops.

224x300 SF-O.jpg

Amstel Agro SF-O:
Fruits and nuts

For a firmer skin, improved

flowering and uniform


Why opt for Amstel Agro?


A resilient crop

Amstel Agro fertilisers ensure

a more resilient crop.


Higher production

Higher yield and less waste.

And as a result: more income.


Easy and durable

Our fertilisers allow for targeted administering and are degradable.

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