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Amstel Agro Protect-F:
Specifically developed to combat abiotic stress

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General information:

Fungal diseases can cause enormous damage to crops, which not only leads to loss of profits, but can also endanger the global food supply. To combat this disease, more and more pesticides are being used, which damage the environment and lose their efficacy due to frequent use.


The Amstel Agro Special Solutions are designed to make crops more resilient and to counteract fungi. They promotes the defence system and suppresses the growth of fungi. This creates better growth and development of the crop.


Our products can be used both preventatively, to support healthy crop development, and curatively, to combat fungi in the crop. 


Protect-F is a product specifically developed to combat abiotic stress. Black Sigatoka, the disease dreaded by banana farmers, which is caused by the pathogen Mycosphaerella fijiensis, is a major problem, since banana is the main food source for more than 400 million people in the tropics. It has been scientifically proven that components in Protect-F contribute to the healthy development of the plant.

The benefits of Protect-F:

  • Supports the plant’s own defence mechanism against fungi

  • Promotes the immune reaction

  • Suppresses the growth of fungi

  • Improves the growth and development of the crop


Preventive: 0.1% per litre of water

Curative: 0.2% per litre of water


Application: Spray

Frequency: year-round application, it is recommended that this product is integrated into fertilizer/crop protection applications


Protect-F is mixable with most agrochemicals. We recommend that Protect-F is used in combination with Amstel Agro Special Fertilizers.

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