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Amstel Agro SF-Y: 
Fertiliser for monocotyledonous or agriculture crops

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Amstel Agro SF-Y is the powerhouse for monocotyledonous crops. The liquid fertiliser is enriched with synergistic micro-nutrients for even more vigour in your crop.


Amstel Agro SF-Y is a mineral fertiliser based on easily absorbable orthosilicic acid.

Amstel Agro SF-Y further contains the important micro-nutrients boron, zinc

and molybdenum.

The effect of Amstel Agro SF-Y

Amstel SF-Y ensures a larger and stronger root system of your crop and larger, firmer leaves. This allows the plant to absorb more micro-nutrients and convert more sunlight into energy. The crop thus becomes stronger, healthier and more productive. Consequently, stress factors such as diseases, insects and drought have less effect on the crop. Read more about the unique properties of orthosilicic acid.

For which crops?

  • Monocotyledonae

  • Sugarcane

  • Maize

  • Rice

  • Bananas

  • Wheat


Preventive: 0.1% per litre of water

Curative: 0.2% per litre of water


Application: Spray

Frequency: year-round application, it is recommended that this product is integrated into fertilizer/crop protection applications

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