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“Amstel Agro helps the agriculture and horticulture sector to boost yields

About Amstel Agro

In agriculture and horticulture, a resilient crop is sacred. Because a resilient crop with a high yield generates more income, and therefore security. Amstel Agro has developed a series of mineral fertilisers based on soluble silicon.


Start-up in fertilisers

It is not often that a new party enters the fertiliser market, but Amstel Agro did so anyway. We developed an innovative production technique for fertilisers. Our scientists and vendors are ready to help, because Amstel Agro is sending shock waves through the agriculture and horticulture sector!


Powerful solution

Our fertilisers increase the yield of most crops ranging between a few percent to several tens of percent. Our products therefore increase the profitability of agricultural entrepreneurs worldwide. Our products have been scientifically tested in different crops and in different test beds.

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Innovative technology

Silicon and silicon compounds are beneficial to your crop, but are difficult to absorb. Consequently, your crop will not receive enough orthosilicic acid. Amstel Agro uses a patented method to stabilise silicon acid. This allows your crop to benefit from the positive properties of silicon after all.


Read more about the effect of orthosilicic acid.



You stand stronger together. That is why we like to work with other parties in the agriculture and horticulture sectors. In our short existence, Amstel Agro has already joined the 100 Club of Wageningen University & Research (WUR). In addition, we regularly consult other relevant domestic and foreign parties in agriculture and horticulture about possible collaborations.
Are you interested in working with Amstel Agro? If so, feel free to contact us.

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