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Amstel Agro SF-R:
Better roots and a more active soil life

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Amstel Agro SF-R is the bio-stimulant for organic agricultural crops: it promotes root development, activates soil life and is completely biodegradable.

Amstel Agro SF-R is a 100% natural organic fertiliser based on seaweed and fulvic acid. It also contains amino acids, proteins, polysaccharides, vitamins and other nutrients.

The effect of Amstel Agro SF-R

Amstel Agro SF-R promotes root development and root mass and increases tolerance to stress. In addition, Amstel Agro SF-R supplies the crop with carbohydrates that serve as an energy source for soil life and plants. Read more about the unique properties of orthosilicic acid.

  • Improved root development and better root mass

  • Promotes growth, flowering and fruiting

  • Improved resistance and faster recovery after stress

  • Breakdown of organic matter and dead roots

  • Improved soil structure

  • Better seed germination

For which crops?

  • Agricultural crops such as wheat, barley, rice, maize, sunflower, potatoes, sugar beet, sugarcane, rape and soy

  • Horticultural crops such as flowers, ornamental plants and vegetables


Preventive: 0.1% per litre of water

Curative: 0.2% per litre of water


Application: Spray

Frequency: year-round application, it is recommended that this product is integrated into fertilizer/crop protection applications

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